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Evaluate projects, market, and other promising opportunities using our analytical platform.

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Squilla Stats is an analytical product dedicated to the evaluation of crypto projects and the crypto market as a whole. We gathered and analyzed an outstanding amount of data in order to give you access to the most relevant and impactful information.



  • Automated Scoring

    We use a set of supervised as well as unsupervised ML algorithms combined with statistics to objectively analyze projects.

  • Web and Social Data

    Track and benchmark everything that is going on online related to a particular project or the whole market.

  • Technical Analysis

    Technical analysis based on trading data from the largest set of exchanges.


We have been developing our product in stealth mode for more than half a year. During that time we ran multiple pilots with funds, exchanges, and media agencies. Now we are ready to offer you a solution which is going to fit your exact needs.

API Access

Direct API access to our data to use it in your evaluation models.

Customized Portal

We tailor our portal and algorithms for your use-case.

Custom Reports

Prepared by our team of analysts 360-degree review of a coin, niche or market. You name it.